⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ REVIEW: Tis the Season for Revenge by Morgan Elizabeth

I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of devouring this incredibly light and spicy SUPER rom-com. It gave me some extra weight, but the deeper undertones and secret tiny details between the couple showcased just how fantastic their relationship is. The heroine quickly realizes her shaky little error and makes a rash, drunken decision as a justification. It’s apparent from the first few pages that this wild ride is going to be a ton of fun. The reason why everyone loves this book is because it’s a rare gem that has a whole lot of offbeat and spicy moments. This is definitely the best part of the journey – the sparkle and shine truly make it something special.

Abbie, a 28-year-old woman, follows the story of the shattered heart of a woman whose boyfriend of four years dumps her out of the blue. It isn’t until the breakup that Abbie realizes the error of her ways, as she gets to know Damien more. But anyways, the more Abbie gets to know Damien, the more she realizes her connection with him, and she may have forfeited her chance with the guy of her dreams by falling quickly. Making sure she’s on his arm at the company holiday party, she concocts the perfect plan – dating her terrible ex-boss, who she hates and wants revenge on. So, in a drunken and angry state, Abbie decides to get revenge by matching randomly with her ex-boss on a dating app. Along the way, she loses herself and molds her life into the woman she thought her ex wanted. But she soon realizes that the relationship she’s letting overtake her life isn’t what she truly wants.

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The perfect time for being engrossed in an engaging read is during the holidays, but this one ended up even better. I really liked the story that went with it, which had a discussion about physical and emotional abuse. It was also great how the story contrasted the playful and sexy side with hidden depth. It wasn’t always to my personal taste, but there was definitely a ton of spice. The chemistry between them was excellent, both in and out of the bedroom. He was such a supportive and loving guy, a real sweetheart. I also loved how Damien adored the parts of Abbie that were self-conscious and how he could see past her vixen facade. It was great to see Abbie as her own person, and Elle Woods (Blonde) definitely got that across. Abbie is not your typical heroine, which I also loved. It’s a lighthearted holiday romance with an original storyline that stands out from the crowd. This one seemed like a perfect fit, and I’ve been meaning to check out more from this new-to-me author.

Amazon: https://amzn.To/3C68z5o.


She was confident that, in the end, it would be worthwhile. However, she needed to make some adjustments to herself in order to conform to that ideal, such as altering the color of her hair, adopting a more modest style of dress, and genuinely appreciating the game of golf (which proved to be the most challenging of the modifications). Throughout their four-year relationship, she never questioned that she would eventually wear his grandmother’s engagement ring on her finger. Abbie Keller firmly believed that Richard Bartholemew Benson the Third would be her lifelong partner.

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Richard is currently working towards becoming a partner at his law firm, and he is also dealing with the aftermath of a broken relationship with his girlfriend. He leaves his apartment wearing a Halloween costume and finds her crying outside until the situation becomes serious enough for him to intervene.

She proves to her ex that he made a huge mistake, by giving her the perfect match and supporting her efforts, just like the universe happens to do. She formulates a plan for revenge and changes her hair color, gets drunk, calls her friends, and does whatever every girl does when she feels like it.

Abbie, the founding partner of Richard’s law firm, Damien Martinez, persuades him to invite her to his massive annual Christmas party, and their dating journey begins.

When Abbie starts a casual relationship with the tough New York lawyer she sees, she will be able to follow through with her plan of deceit, but there is a soft side to him.

This book is intended for readers who are 18 years old or older. It is a full-length romance novel titled “After Ever Happily” that includes profanity and sexually explicit content. “Revenge for Season the Tis” is a contemporary story with an age-gap romance and a grumpy protagonist set during Christmas season.

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